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The Sweaty Guinea Pig’s Guy: Matthew McConaughey

February 17th, 2008 · No Comments ·

Every month, The Sweaty Guinea Pig will share a male and female celebrity’s experiences on fitness and healthy living.


Matthew McConaughey is known for his athletic physique - toned and built. To stay in shape on and off the film, he has followed a routine created by Gunner Peterson, a Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Here’s a sample Matthew’s Protocol:

Monday: Strength and Conditioning - A (presented below)
Tuesday: Cardio workout or playing a sport*
Wednesday: Strength and Conditioning - B
Thursday: Cardio workout or playing a sport*
Friday: Strength and Conditioning - A

Strength and Conditioning - A

Set 1: Repeat this set 2 to 4 times

1. Dumbbell fly
2. Chest Press/Incline
3. Swiss-ball crunches

Set 2:

1. Pull-ups
2. Elliptical (1 minute forward, 1 minute backward)

Set 3: Repeat this set 2 to 4 times

1. Bench dips
2. Single arm triceps extension
3. Reaching medicine ball lunges: start with holding a medicine ball above your right shoulder and lower the ball to the outside of left foot when lunging forward, then do the opposite on the other side.

Set 4: Repeat this set 2 to 4 times

1. Medicine ball slams
2. Any cardio machine for 2 minutes (Matthew climbs artificial wall for 2 minutes.)
3. Sprints or ladder drills

Set 5: Repeat this set 2 to 4 times

1. Stagger-stance squat with calf raises: step forward and squat down until thighs are parallel to the ground, then push yourself up with your legs and go on to your toes and back to the starting position.
2. Twisting dumbbell shoulder press: Rotate your torso as you press up and rotate back as you lower the weight.
3. Lying medicine-ball woodchop: do bicycle abdominal exercise while bringing the medicine ball to the opposite side of your body.

Set 6:

1. Stationary bike: 1 minute sitting and 1 minute standing
2. Stairmaster: 1 minute

* On cardio days, you may simply choose any sports to participate, such as basketball, swimming, tennis, etc. If you wish to workout with cardio machines, make sure you challenge yourself by doing crossing training and vary the resistance.

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