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Personal Training
Ready to get fit? I currently work as an independent contractor for two different fitness companies in New York City. I also offer direct personal training services to a number of clients in the New York Metro area. I can train in your home or in your apartment gym (non-membership). Each training session lasts one hour, and all packages include an introductory assessment session. I offer the following packages:

Package Description Cost
Four sessions (plus assessment session) $295.00

Eight sessions (plus assessment session) $535.00

Sixteen sessions (plus assessment session) $967.00

Single refresh session (up to 2 sessions max) $50.00*


* Refresh sessions are offered only after each purchase of Guinea Pig personal training package.

If you have any questions or would like to set up an appointment, please email me at

Customized Workout Design
Need an experienced trainer to design a customized workout that you can follow at the gym? I have designed dozens of workout programs for various individuals, from hardcore athletes to traveling businessmen to septuagenarians. Whether you are training to compete or looking to stay in shape, I can put together effective, efficient, and fun workout routines that meet your needs. Each workout is drastically different from the next, and you will never find boring, repetitive exercises. You can do these workouts again and again or come back to purchase new ones. I currently offer the following packages:

Workout Designs Cost
Four workouts $60.00

Eight workouts $110.00

Twelve workouts $150.00


If you would like to get started, please email me at, and I will send you a questionnaire asking about your health profile and fitness goals.

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