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Done, Recovery, and Ready for More

September 10th, 2008 · No Comments ·


You have just finished a 10K race this weekend and you are looking for ways to cope with your fatigue and celebrate your accomplishment. But, when do you get back to full training? and how do you maintain your current weight without being too strict on your diet?

Before you plan your recovery for the following week, evaluate your post-race conditions by:

  • taking your resting heart rate a few times day; increased heart rate indicates that your body is still on high alert and you haven’t fully relaxed.
  • checking your weight once everyday; if you haven’t gained back the weight you have lost during a race, then you are not sufficiently re-hydrated and fully ready to burn more calories.
  • performing active warm-up exercises (e.g. hip rotations, body weight squat, arm rotations, etc); if you are still sore or have troubles making full range of motion, then you need more rest and allow your muscles and joints repair their torn tissues.
  • performing stress test on yourself; are you stressed because of work, school, or other issues? If you are constantly irritable or lose focus easily, then you should make the effort to prioritize your life before going back to full training.

For rebuilding pre-race fitness level:

  • follow a general “easy-day” rule; every 2 miles you run in a race needs a day of light exercise to keep your blood flowing.
  • switch to other forms of exercise; you can try swimming in the following week to keep stress off your legs while maintaining aerobic fitness.
  • challenge your range of motion progressively to ensure there are no damages done to your joints.
  • enjoy rich foods that you have denied yourself before the race, but do it with moderation.
  • sleep…sleep…and sleep. Many of us, including me, have often overlooked the importance of having a good night (or every night) of rest. Lack of sleep will cause slower recovery and impede your plan to be better and stronger.

Now, you are ready for the next fun event!

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