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Sweaty Guinea Pig Discovered: Nicole Boehmer

March 23rd, 2008 · 1 Comment ·

Every Wednesday, The Sweaty Guinea Pig will feature a fresh individual who will share his or her thoughts and experiences on fitness and healthy living.


Name: Nicole Boehmer
Age: 22
Location: New Jersey
Occupation: Dialysis Nurse

What is your current routine? How many days do you dedicate to exercising every week?
With every work out I always make sure to do at least 45 minutes of cardio, combined with lifting two different muscles groups using free weights. I work out about 4 or 5 times a week.

How did you come up with your current routine?
I used to work at a gym and we had a lot of trainers who gave me some tips here and there. I have also learned by reading different fitness magazines and bringing their suggestions to the gym with me. It is a lot of trial and error, seeing what works best for your body. Making sure to change your routine every now and then helps to challenge your body as well.

What are your short term (within 6 weeks) and long term (3 months and beyond) goals?
Currently my short term goal is to get in my best shape for the nice weather that’s on its way! I try not to focus on my body and weight as a number. My fulfillment comes from how I personally feel; the satisfaction I get after a day of eating healthy and having a great workout knowing I’m one step closer to my goal.

Long term I want to make sure I stay active and healthy. My biggest goal is to eventually compete in a triathlon. I love the way exercise can change my body, and the health benefits are even more important as I get older.

What are other types of training that you’d like to try?
I love getting my exercise by doing some sort of fun outdoor activity and am up for trying anything. I like bike riding and going hiking, but would also like to try some extreme activities. Rock climbing and water skiing have always interested me. Anything new every once in a while really recharges me and takes my workouts to a new level.

What is your favorite post-workout meal?
Something loaded with protein and lots of water.

What is your ideal “cheat” meal or favorite guilty indulgence?

Outback is my favorite place to go out for dinner, definitely my guilty indulgence.

Any advice or words of encouragement for other Sweaty Guinea Pig readers?

Just start working out. It doesn’t always have to be on a Monday or the first of the month to start working out. If you wake up one day and realize you haven’t worked out in two weeks don’t wait until Monday to start. Start that day! It will get easier and more addicting as you see your body change.

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