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For the Next President…

October 14th, 2008 · No Comments ·

NY Time columnist, Michael Pollan, wrote an insightful article on how a decentralized food system would help our next president achieve his agendas of improving health care, becoming energy independence, and preventing climate change, which would eventually lead to a robust economy.

Mr. Pollan proposes a “solar-food” economy; we buy food grown naturally and shorten our food chain by eating locally. By doing the above, we can cut down fossil fuel consumption dramatically, which could help us become energy independce and prevent global warming, which are two of the national priorities that Barack Obama and John McCain have campaigned in their presidentail race.

Also, local foods are more traceable and accountable; recent tainted baby formula and other food recalls have again raised our concern about food safety. Mr. Pollan suggests that the larger the global food network, the more vulnerable our food system is; we could easily have imported contaminated food and cause a series health issues for domestic animals and consumers.

To support “sun-based foods”, Mr. Pollan suggests that the government can provide grants to build indoor farmers markets, establish local slaughter house, and educate Americans that farming is an important sector of our economy.

Although we will not see the immediate effect of eating locally, our effort to promote better food quality and more energy saving will eventually lead us back to be a healthier nation. As the election day inches upon us, we need to exercise our right and choose a candidate who will bring the change. I, the Sweaty Guinea Pig, urge you to be active and cast your vote wisely on Novemeber 4th.

Please join me to exercise our precious right!

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